como de costumbre, Sygma a tener 5 estrellas en evaluación del KPI de BRC 

tenemos el placer de compartir con nuestros clientes, la carta enviada por BRC



According to The BRC Global Standards program for Certification Body Key Performance Indicators BRC009, for period 9, July – December 2013, you have been rated:

Overall KPI rating = GREEN 5 stars

Note the KPI reporting system has now been updated and is available on myBRC reference 15/1/2014. You will now be monitored against these requirements which will include requested information in ‘quarterly reports’ – you will receive separate details of the information and timelines required.

This has been compiled from the following individual criteria:

1. Audit Report Writing Quality : GREEN

2. Compliance to the BRC Scheme & Standard Protocol Requirements : GREEN

3. Auditor Competence and Management : GREEN borderline AMBER

4. Submission of Audit Reports to the BRC Directory : GREEN

5. Commitment and Communication : GREEN

Your compliance performance rating will be published on 4th February 2014. If you have any queries regarding your rating please contact me immediately.

Your KPI ratings have been shared with your relevant Accreditation Body.

Can you please have a look into the issues above. We hope this feedback is useful for continual improvement.

Refer to the attached summary showing overall data for all Certification Body KPI ratings.